U20 - U23 Summer Soccer


U20-U23 Summer Soccer

**Updates will continue to be posted as the season approaches*

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Women’s Soccer -  U20/U23W Team Manager/Coach Mike Knoth: mikeknoth@gmail.com or

                                          U20/U23W Coach Mike Kizoulis: mkizoulis@gmail.com

Men’s Soccer - U20/23M   Team Manager/Coach Derek Samaroo: Derek_Samaroo@aol.com 


The Jersey Knights will be gearing up for the upcoming summer 2021 U20-U23 season. For more information contact one of the coahes above.

The Jersey Knights summer soccer program is located in on Route 27 in Franklin Township, NJ. The program is designed for both men and women to provide structured training and competitive playing opportunities for returning college players to keep active prior to the start of their college preseason. It also provides opportunities for our graduating (U18) players so they are prepared for their first college preseason experience.
Training is typically 90 minutes twice a week and geared towards college play. The sessions include fitness, technical, tactical and functional training. The summer season starts in May and concludes in July with 6 to 10 games being scheduled.