Indoor Safety Protocols 2021

The Club is scheduled to renew its relationship with St. Teresa's for the winter 2021 indoor training period starting Monday 1/4/21. Training schedules are posted below for both weekdays and weekends. We have modified our training times and the number of players training at a given time dramatically to accomodate safety protocols to ensure the safety of our players. In addition to regular cleaning and sanitizing by the St. Teresa's staff we will be continuing our safety efforts as we have in the past. A complete list of protocols is below.

Weekday Schedule   Weekday Schedule

Required Safety Protocols*:

* The club can approve changes to protocols as CDC guidlines and vaccine use chnages.

  • Training will be limited to 10 players or less at each training session. 
  • Players will train in assigned pods through out the winter. Movement between pods is restricted.
  • No spectators will be allowed in the gym during sessions. Drivers, parents or guardians will remain in their cars.
  • Coaches will meet players at the front door and admit them into the gym. Coaches will also dismiss players from the gym at the conclusion of the session so they can return to their vehicles. 
  • If coaches are splitting their teams into more than one training pod, the arrving pod must remain in their vehicle unitl the coach signals for them to enter. 
  • All players will rquire a temperature check and sanitize their hands upon entry and dismissal. 
  • Coaches will sanatize their training area, player gear area  and their training gear following each session. The club will be providing materials for this.
  • The side doors will be allowed to be opened during each session to increase air circulation. Coaches will make sure they are secure each night upon leaving. 
  • Masks and social distancing will be used during all non-playing times during sessions. 
  • St. Teresa's will be providing regular cleaning and sanitizing to the facility.