Financial Aid Request Procedures

Financial Aid Request Procedures:

1.      Team Manager/coach assesses financial needs with specific players immediately following tryouts.
2.      Team Manager contacts the Financial Aid Committee to schedule an appointment at the next available meeting.
·        Managers must provide a completed financial aid application to the committee.
·        Managers must be prepared to discucc with the committee how much the player can pay.
·        How much the team can contribute? Any creative ideas etc. The family's commitment to particpation in fundraising efforts with the club and team (non-participants in fundraising will not be considered for any financial aid).
·        Family background - The player’s family situation/need/reason for aid.
·        Document the player is registered online with the club.
·        Registration deadline for financial assistance is based on how much funding is available. That makes registration early important. This includes high school age players. Once funds are exhausted there is no additional aid available.
·        All of the above must be satisfied to be eligible for aid to be considered.
3.      The committee will meet with the manager. A decision will be made as soonas possible.
4.      The committee will keep a written record of awards granted including:
·        Player Name
·        Player Team
·        Manager and Coaches Names
·        Dates of Awards
·        Amount of the Award
The committee will provide the Board of Directors an update report following each committee meeting. An update will include a copy of the financial aid application.