Player Commitment Policy

Jersey Knights Soccer Player Commitment Agreement


This document is one way of explaining, in detail, club expectations for you as a member of Jersey Knights Soccer and what you can expect from the club. It will help you identify some potential problem areas and at the same time answer questions about the club’s decision-making process. As you have committed to become a member of Jersey Knight Soccer, please take the time to read the following information carefully. To ensure the commitment to Jersey Knight policies, we are asking you, the Player and the Parent/Guardian, to read, sign and return the following document to your team manager prior to  any playing or training with your Jersey Knight team.


Club Mission

The Jersey Knights Soccer Club is a non-profit organization whose mission creates successful soccer players who can compete at the highest levels. All club members receive: 

  • Professional Training with a Professional Staff that addresses all areas of soccer training and development and challenges children to grow and mature as players and as individuals.
  • A Comprehensive Training Program geared to each developmental level of play. A program that deals with all aspects of soccer development including preparations for student athletes to reach success at the high school level and ultimately, college soccer.
  • A Quality Training Facility with quality fields that creates an environment that promotes soccer learning and development for players of all ages.
  • A club atmosphere that creates a sense of family, community, loyalty, and promotes a love for the game of soccer. An atmosphere that provides opportunities for players and their families to have a soccer experience that supercedes the playing field and includes interaction between the various teams through training, travel, and social events.

Club Expectations/Player Commitment


The Jersey Knights Soccer Club is a competitive soccer club geared towards the serious player who loves the game and is committed to improving. We recognize and appreciate the amount of time and resources that families commit to playing club soccer.  We believe families should expect an environment that encourages player growth and development as well as a level of success on the field. In addition, families should expect that players will not only display positive development in a family-oriented atmosphere but also become prepared to compete successfully at the high school and collegiate levels.


Players are expected to make their commitment to the Jersey Knights Soccer Club a priority activity. We encourage players (especially our younger players) to participate in a variety of activities and sports with the understanding that the Club is their priority activity. Players will ultimately make their own personal choices in regard to sports. Club expectations for our players’ includes:


  • Regular attendance at training.
  • Regular attendance at games.
  • Attendance at all tournaments.


Commitment to the Club and all soccer related activities should be treated as a priority. In addition, players are expected to take schoolwork seriously. To meet the demands of school and outside activities players are expected to budget their time appropriately. Attendance at team activities is expected. A lack of participation impacts on player development and the team as a whole. Communication between players and parents and player, parents and coach are essential for a successful a competitive atmosphere to take place. Players must prioritize time and activities effectively in regard to club commitment. Commitment is year round. While activity varies by month, players should view team soccer activities as a full year process. Development at highly competitive levels does not permits long lay-offs. This is especially true at the older high school ages. Training during the winter and summer months are important. We expect families to honor their commitment to the club when offered a spot on one of our teams. We also expect honesty and loyalty to the team. Please consider this carefully when joining one of the Jersey Knights teams!



Player Responsibilities

Player responsibilities include:

  • Attendance at all games and training. Practices are mandatory and should only be missed on account of illness or very special circumstance. Please inform your coach in advance if you can't make a practice.
  • Players are expected to be punctual. Arrival for training and games is determined by the coach.
  • Players should bring ALL uniforms and gear to all games.
  • Players must wear club approved training gear to all training sessions.
  • Players must treat coaches, teammates, referees, and opponents with respect. Poor or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Players represent their team and the club. We value the strong positive reputation we have cultivated over the past 20 years!
  • Positive communication with the coaching staff is essential for successful development.  Players are expected to ask questions and should be dialoging with their coach regularly.
  • Players are expected to work on soccer skills year round either on a formal or informal basis. Players need touches on the ball as much as possible throughout the year in order to develop.
  • Players are expected to observe a reasonable curfew the night before a game. Players are responsible for their own performance and conduct.


Parental Expectations


The club appreciates the effort and sacrifice that parents make for their children. This makes it possible for players achieve their goals and dreams. Please be aware of club expectations for parents:

  • Effective communication is essential for success. This true at the player level, team level and club level. Each team has a coach and a team manager. All team related questions should go through the team manager – schedules, finance, paperwork, passes, gear etc. All soccer related questions in regard to your particular child should go through the coach – playing time, assessments, concerns etc. Managers report directly to the club board of directors. Coaches report to the coaching directors. See them first!
  • Managers and coaches both have open-door policies. See them with questions. Please do not see coaches before training or at games. They have to concentrate on their job. Coaches are always available after training for an informal conversation or quick clarification. For something more formal make an appointment through the team manager.
  • Please encourage your children to speak to their coach directly with questions or concerns. Learning to ask questions and discuss concerns effectively is a life skill that children need to develop. At the younger ages this can be uncomfortable for youngsters, certainly, accompany your child when meeting a coach to give them a comfort level. Most of our coaching staff are also educators who work with both children and parents on a daily basis. They are more than happy to meet.
  • Parents must be aware of team information and schedules. Each season every team will hold a team meeting prior to the start of league play. Managers will facilitate and provide families with information for the season. A parent from each family is expected to attend.  A member of the board of directors will be present.
  • Be aware there is absolutely no coaching from the sidelines by parents at games. This confuses players and sometimes even undermines what a coach is trying to do.
  • The club has a code of conduct for everyone. It is posted on the club website at: Please read it. There is no criticizing of players (even if they are your own), referees, or other adults. Poor sideline behavior send the wrong message to others about our club and especially to your own children. It will not be tolerated.

Club Fees


The club and all teams are financially supported through annual player fees as well as any additional fundraising monies collected.


  •  Annual club fees includes club administration expenses, insurance fees, all coaching and training fees, training and game field fees,  league registration fees, game referee fees, NJYS, US Club carding fees and all field expenses including seed, fertilizer, equipment expenses, water and field repair (Trained players and volunteers completely maintain our site).
  •  Additional fees, not included are uniform kits (We are sponsored by Nike and get new kits every couple years), any team winter expenses that teams decide to do – indoor leagues/futsal. Additional winter fees are optional for players but most do participate.
  • All fees and program payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Late tuition payments that are not received by the due dates put players in jeopardy of not being eligible to play. The player’s cards will be held by the club and the player will be suspended from team activities until such past due amounts are brought current.
  • If a player sustains a season ending injury, the policy requires that a doctor verify the injury and a written document from the doctor must be presented. At that time, the pro-rated portion of the tuition for the remainder of the season may be offered as a credit towards next year’s tuition, but not refunded. Please read the club injury policy on our website!


When a Jersey Knight player and parent signs this commitment letter, they understand and agree to all the information conveyed above.