Managers Handbook

Jersey Knights Soccer Club
Managers Handbook
Updated 8/14 
  • Club Requirements
  • Team Yearly Timeline
  • Team Yearly Timeline

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  • Team Yearly Timeline
  • Tournament Guidelines
  • Trainer/Coach Compensation
  • TrainerCoach Compensation
  • Club Conduct 
  • Coaching Licenses 
  • Managers as Coaches 
  • Game Times and Sites  
  • Reporting Game Results
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  • Game Times and Sites
  • Reporting Game Results
  • Reserving Practice Time
  •  Consolata Mission
  •  Player Passes
  •  Double Carding
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  • Double Carding
  • Safety Procedures 
  • Registration Fees and Yearly Budgeting 
  • Uniform and Equipment Costs
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  • Uniform and Equipment Costs
  • Club Coaching Philosophy  

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  • Club Coaching Philosophy
  • Injured Player Policy
Jersey Knights Managers Information Packet
Teams playing for the Jersey Knights Soccer Club are expected to adhere to the rules and policies of the organization. Listed below are requirements that each team is expected to follow:
  • A Team Manager will administrate of each group... Managers are chosen by the Club. The Managers responsibility is to supervise and coordinate team operations and follow mandated Club guidelines. This includes registrations, planning team budgets, ordering equipment, organizing fund raising participation and educating parents/team spectators about the sideline behavior expectations of the club. It is recommended that the manager delegate some of these duties to responsible volunteer parents. 
  • All teams will be trained and coached by the Jersey Knight’s training staff or by licensed trainer/coaches approved by the Training Director with permission of the Board of Directors. It is the Trainer/coaches responsibility (with manager input) to determine tournaments, choose training nights, and handle all soccer-related matters in regard to the team.
  • All teams will participate in the School of Excellence under the direction of the Training Director.
  • All teams will participate in a minimum of 3 tournaments per season and are expected to participate in the State Cup. The Club will recommend specific tournaments, but, teams are free to choose with good reason. 
  • All teams will participate in Club activities if askedManagers or designated representatives are expected to attend occasional manager’s articulation meetings during the season.
Timeline (will vary by team)
The soccer year runs from Mid-August to June/July. All younger teams (U14 and under) should expect to go through the tryout process that begins in May. Older teams (U15 and up) have a little more flexibility since many of these groups are hand picked and have ongoing recruiting. Tryouts with these groups will be determined by the Training Director Trainer/coach and Team Manager on an individual basis.
  • Tryouts/team selections
  • Notification of all players by coach or team manager. Online Fee collection begins for all teams U9 – U18. 1st payments are due for all teams.
  • Apply fees to operating costs for Labor Day and late summer tournaments.
  • Make arrangements for rooms if traveling on Labor Day
  • Start collecting registration materials from players – Birth certificate, Medical waiver, picture, personal info for registration forms, etc.
  • Meet with team parents to review team expectations – finances, sideline behavior, introduce trainer, tournament & league schedule, etc. 
  • Determine if there are any player financial issues. Contact the Scholarship Committee for more information. It is the team manager or trainer/coaches who must act as laison to the Scholarship committee. The committee will not be meeting with parents directly unless the committee deems it necessary. Prior to a team seeking financial assistance for a player they must be able to determine the amount a family needs. Very few players are granted full scholarships. Any player granted financial assistance must be registered in the online system before any help is awarded. That is a team’s responsibility.
  • NJ State Packets for the Fall season will be available during the later part of the month. Continue to collect registration materials.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees.
  • Organize summer and season training schedule with trainer and training director.
  • Training for the fall season begins around 8/15 (younger groups only).  Fields generally will not be available in early August due to field repairs. Schedule field time with club field assigner.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees. 2nd payments are due 8/15
  • Apply to State Cup as soon as packet is processed.
  •  Apply to Columbus Day Tournament and make room arrangements if needed.
  • Leagues start middle of the month.
  • State Cup starts middle of the month.
  • Apply to Thanksgiving Tournament by end of month.
  • Reschedule any league games you will miss due to tournaments as soon as possible.
  • School of Excellence starts.
  • U15 & Older teams should be organizing US Club packet and checking tournament deadlines for November.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees.
  • Older groups schedule field time for October (Sundays only) and /November training with training director.  
  • Start Planning for winter training gym space, leagues/tournaments etc
  • Start preliminary planning for Spring tournaments.
  • If you are entering winter leagues do so by end of month.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees. 3rd payments are due 10/15
  • Older groups schedule field time for November training with training director.
  • Finalize winter plans early.
  • League season ends.
  • U15 - U19 US Club Packet should be complete early this month for eligibility at showcases and tournaments.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees.
  • U15 - U19 continue training for November/December Tournaments.
  • All teams see indoor training coordinator to schedule indoor time during the winter.
  • Apply to early spring tournaments.
  • Continue reminders about online registration for season fees. All team fees should be complete by 1/1.
  • U15 - U19 complete NJ State Packet and apply to State Cup.
  • Indoor training begins in January.
  • Start looking for late spring and early summer tournaments.
  • Start preliminary budget plans (remember we operate 1 year in advance with these plans). Managers and coaches need to articulate about team plans for the upcoming year including tournaments. Tournaments must be approved by the training director.
  • Apply for Memorial Day Tournament. Make room arrangements if necessary.
  • Finalize Spring rosters (if any changes)
  • Continue with budgeting plans.
  • League season begins.
  • Final team budgets are due. State Cup begins for U15 - U19.
  • School of Excellence begins.
  • Reschedule any games due to tournaments or State Cup.
  • Begin preparations for tryouts. Determine how your team will participate. Meet with the training director in regard to this process.
  • Finalize tournament arrangements for June/July tournaments.
  • Get materials ready for the next season.  
Tournament Guidelines
All teams are expected to participate in a minimum of 3 tournaments each season. Determination of tournaments is up to the discretion of the Trainer/Coach with input from the team manager and training director. Younger teams are generally free to choose the tournaments of their choice and encouraged to try new places. The older groups should discuss their plans with the training director and trainer/coach prior to applying. It is important to consider the competitive level of the tournament when choosing. As our teams mature and age they will have to develop a “resume” to gain admittance to the larger more competitive regional tournaments. Playing in these tournaments as a younger team is nice, but, is essential as an older group so players can gain exposure and be showcased for college.
There are a variety of reasons to choose a tournament - competition, preparation for State Cup, preseason preparation for the upcoming league season, sorting out your early season lineup, college showcasing, or just plain old fun. Decide prior to your season what your goals are. If you need input discuss this with the training director.
It is recommended that when choosing tournaments for the upcoming season you survey your parents for input prior to the season.The choice of the tournaments is the Trainer/Coach and Team Manager but, must meet with the Soccer Directors approval! One of the strengths of our organization is our knowledge of the right places to send our teams at specific ages. After receiving input from parents, coach, and director make your choices. Do this prior to the season so players and families can be presented with this along with all other preseason information.
Going to tournaments is great way to gain exposure for your team and the club. It is also an excellent experience for your players and their families. It gives you an opportunity to play teams from other areas and compete at a high level of play.
Coach/Trainer Compensation
Currently, Jersey Knight Trainers earn a minimum of $900.00 per month. Salaries are negotiated by the Board of Directors and based on the experience level of the trainer/coach. The club will assist teams with this prior to hiring any trainer/coaches. That salary includes all training sessions, games, and tournaments throughout the seasonThe only added expense would be the room expense for trainers at hotels for away tournaments. That is paid by the team and should be considered when working up a season budget. Payment for substitute trainers or coaches comes out of the trainer/coaches monthly stipend and is not extra for a team. Jersey Knight trainers earn a minimum of $70.00 per training session (a typical training session is 1.5 hours unless otherwise agreed to). Substitute Coaches at tournaments earn $100.00 per day plus their room if applicable.
Trainer/Coaches or teams U9 – U14 are hired for approximately 9 - 10 months. Trainers are paid only for the months they work. Their coaching season begins around 8/15 and runs until after the Thanksgiving in the Fall season. Winter training begins in January and spring training begins as soon as teams can get outside thru June/July. Younger teams are advised to shut down for a month in December and mid-July to allow players to refresh and rest.
Trainer/Coaches of teams U15 – U19 typically begin their season during October on weekends and begin regular training in November following the conclusion of the high school soccer season. The fall season for the older teams is focused on reorganizing and attending appropriate College Showcases and Tournaments. Training runs through the winter and through the spring concluding in June unless other wise stated. U17 and U18 players may have the opportunity to play or train with the U20-U23 program in June and July.
For your monthly stipend you should expect at least 2 training sessions plus games and tournaments each month during a given season. In addition, your team will participate in the School of Excellence for a part of each season. Your personal trainer/coach may or may not work at this clinic but is required to be in attendance.
Club Conduct
Everyone is aware of the rules for appropriate behavior at games. For some unknown reason as soon as the game begins some of the adults forget those same rules they instruct their children to follow. As a club we wish to project a positive, professional image that 1st rate organizations haveWe will not tolerate rude and disruptive behavior by our spectators. We strongly discourage parents from "coaching" their children from the sideline during games. It sends the wrong message to players and interferes with game plans.
Team Managers may be carded as assistant coaches if qualified. If a manager is on the coaching sideline they are to maintain a professional demeanor and work within the trainer/coaches team structure. As manager it is your responsibility to educate your parents about club behavioral expectations. It is recommended that when you meet your families prior to the season this topic get a priority. Try to educate your group to be supportive and encouraging to their children and opposing players alike. Good Sportsmanship is essential.When good sportsmanship is practiced by parents their children generally follow their good example. We expect you to monitor sideline behavior but not be a policeman. If you are having any difficulty with parents cooperating notify the club immediately. Parents not following these guidelines will be asked to leave the club.
Coaching Licenses
All Jersey Knight Trainers must have state approved coaching licenses and must be approved by the training director. There are no exceptions. It is recommended that managers also have at least an F License. This ensures there is always a carded coach at every game. See the training director for available courses.
Managers as Coaches
Mangers are usually not coaches but can at times be carded as assistant coachesYour professional trainer/coach is responsible for all team soccer training, coaching and team soccer decisions. Managers that are assistant coaches must be able to work within the expectations of the trainer/coach. Managers and trainer/coaches are viewed by the club as a team and are expected to work together. Managers are entitled to input in team soccer decisions for the trainer/coach to consider.
Game Times and Sites
Game times and field assignments are determined by the club league contact prior to the start of the season. Check the listing as soon as it is available. If you have any requests or conflicts notify the league contact immediately. Due to referee assignments it is difficult to switch games around without adequate notice.
If you cancel late in the week you will be responsible for referee payment and will have to go to the field to compensate the officials. Take a good look at your schedule for the entire season. Anticipate any changes or conflicts with state cup, tournaments, etc. It will make our job much easier. Our league contact is Ralph Andrews.
Reporting Game Results
All managers are responsible for reporting the score of their games. Become familiar with your respective league requirements in this area. Also E Mail your game results to Ralph Andrews.
Reserving Practice Time  
We currently operate out of various sites with the Jersey Knight’s Complex & Consolata Mission being the main sites. In addition, we sometimes use JFK Field, the Workhouse Annex and various sites around the North Brunswick area. Prior to each season it will be determined the amount of use each site will receive. Our goal is to rest our main fields as much as possible to allow for the grass to continue developing. It is easier in the Fall, due to fewer teams, to rest our site. So most practice sessions take place at Consolata. In the Spring it becomes more difficult with the extra older teams.
Practice time will be determined prior to the season with input from each manager and the training director. Every effort will be made to meet each team’s preferences for practice nights. Once the schedule is set teams may switch times and nights as needed, but,must notify the club field assigner so there is no miscommunication or confusion.
Consolata Missions
Consolata Missions are located on Route 27 a short distance south of our main site. It is leased as a practice site by the club. We do share it with other groups and each year a new agreement has to be negotiated with the Priest in charge. This year we have usage of the facility Monday through Friday in the evening and on Saturday from 8:00 thru 12:00. The Mission has a few simple concerns that we have agreed to abide by:
  • Do not park in the row next to the fields! These spots are reserved for Parishioners who attend mass at the Mission. A lot on the side of the building is for parking.
  • Police your area for litter, plastic bottles, etc. and leave the fields cleanThere are garbage cans on site and a dumpster at the rear of the side lot. The Mission is very sensitive to the parking and litter please help out!!!  
  • Each team must provide a field supervisor to be on site at every training session. Supervisors will be provided with yellow shirts and windbreakers so the priest may identify who is in charge. Providing this person is a club requirement.
                                                   Player Cards
All Players will receive player’s passes with NJYSA and US Club Soccer. New Jersey passes remain the same as in the past and will be completed through the area MAPS/JAGS representative. Mid New Jersey Passes will continue to run through our club league representative, Ralph Andrews. US Club passes are completed by team managers on the US Club website. Ralph Andrews, Mike Knoth, and Ben Caturano are registered as assigners. Managers complete all info on the US Club site then contact club assigners to complete payment and request cards. Cost for US Club cards for 2011 is $16.00 per player and $15 per coach. U10 – 11 players have a fee of $12 per card.
Double Carding
All players for the Jersey Knights Club must be carded primarily to the Jersey Knights. The Mid Jersey Soccer League does not allow double carding therefore Jersey Knights must be the primary pass.
Some leagues do allow double cards such as MAPS and JAGS. Players may have a secondary card as long as Jersey Knights is the primary pass. There are no exceptionsIf you have a player who has a double card the club must be notified.
In addition, Jersey Knights soccer belongs to the US Club Soccer Organization. Many of our teams are carded to both NJ Youth Soccer and US Club. If you have questions about the carding process see the club league contact, Ralph Andrews or Mike Knoth.
Safety Procedures
All teams should have a plan in place concerning safety of their players. A first aid kit and ice should be brought to each game by the manager, coach, or designated parent. Remember, unless you are qualified doctor or athletic trainer you should never move an injured player. Call for help. Identifying a parent with a cell phone is a valuable asset at all games.
 Registration Fees and Yearly Budgeting
Club registration fees are used to subsidize field maintenance (grass cutting, seeding, fertilization, paint for lines, dumpster, port a john, etc.) and our School of Excellence Soccer clinic supervised by our training director and staff trainers. Site expenses are ongoing and the School of Excellence takes place each season and all teams participate.
All players must be registered in the club online registration system. This includes any players who are awarded financial assistance. Fees are $335.00 per player per team per season, Fall and Spring (U-11 thru U-14) and $485.00 per player per team (U-15 thru U-19). These fees are paid online during the online registration period for each age grouping. In addition to club fees, managers should consider the following costs when developing their team budgets:
  • Trainer Salary
  • Tournament Fees
  • US Club and NJ Youth Soccer Packets (Passes)
  • Referee Fees
  • State Cup Fees
  • Uniforms/Gear
  • Hotel Expenses for Coaches
  • Winter training fees
Uniform & Equipment Costs
The Jersey Knights are sponsored by Nike and have an agreement with Nike and have assigned Ewing Sport in West Trenton as the supplier for all our uniform needs. Newly formed teams need to coordinate their initial orders through the club. Once that is done replacement orders can be processed directly by the manager through Mike Knoth.
All players are required to wear Nike gear at training and at games. Each player will receive a Uniform Kit after being accepted by a team. Kits cost is included in the players season fee. Parents can expect a kit to last approximately 2-3 years depending on use. 
We are on a 3 year cycle with uniforms.  At the end of the cycle all teams are required to order new uniforms. Boys and girls teams order on alternate years. Extra gear - sox, practice T’s, etc can be purchased and are usually in stock at the fields. For prices on extra equipment see Mike Knoth. 
*A new player Kit includes:
1.       2 game Jerseys
2.       2 pair of game shorts
3.       2 pairs of  game sox
4.        1 warm-up
5.       a player backpack
6.       1 practice T-shirt
7.       1 practice short
On new uniform years existing players receive new game jerseys, shorts and warm-ups.
Jersey Knights Soccer Club Coaching Philosophy
The Jersey Knights Soccer Club training program will concentrate on a progressive and complete development of each individual player/team. Our coaching staff has been evaluated and has been assigned to appropriate age groups with player/team development as the primary reason for these changes. Along with the upcoming changes we will concentrate all training on the following five skills:
Establish training environment that will create competitive atmosphere at all trainings and matches…players should develop the “winner” attitude. Also create an environment that will encourage players the desire for self improvement.
Establish training environment that will produce players that are technically strong.           Players must master the ball, if not, we are failing them.
Establish training environment that will develop, nurture and encourage individual creativity.
Establish training environment that encourages individual (1v1) and team thinking. Promote watching professional games and/or our older teams when possible…this is enormously important.
Establish training environment that will develop players that are capable of playing at a high technical; mental & athletic speed.
Key Guidelines
Players need to control the ball at maximum speed…
Players need to control the ball under extreme pressure…
Players need to play both sides of the ball…
Players need to crave self-improvement…
Players need to be self-motivated…
Players need to be winners…
By establishing new guidelines on player/team development, we will now work to develop a progressive and intensive training curriculum for our teams. Our program will focus on the above mentioned, but for each group, training will be specific and focused. Coaches/Trainers will continue and are encouraged to be creative with their training sessions.
We need to continue to build a strong player foundation and by implementing a progressive program, with specific coaches, our players/teams will develop correctly and more efficiently.
Our Staff will spotlight the development of each individual player to their fullest potential. As players move through each training group, they will acquire the necessary fundamentals to continue their development and future success. With these adjustments to our current staff and program, I have no doubt that all players that graduate from the Jersey Knights SC will be fundamentally, technically and tactically sound and will have an opportunity to continue to participate at the collegiate and/or professional levels.
Age Group Breakdown
Little Kickers
(Seven years old and younger)
Players are introduced to soccer
Clinics are supervised by selected Jersey Knights Staff
Current players are encouraged to participate as role-models
(Small Side Teams)
50 MINUTES/ TECHNIQUE/SKILL GAMES; (warm-up included)
20 MINUTES/FREE PLAY (very limited instruction)
40 MINUTES TECHNICAL TRAINING (warm-up included)
20 MINUTES TECHNICAL TRAINING (warm-up included)
15 MINUTES TACTICAL INSTRUCTION (whiteboard session encouraged)

Injured Player Policy

When a player is injured and the condition affects the player’s ability to physically compete or train with the team, the following guidelines are used by the team manager; and parent of the player to discuss and agree to the extent of the injury and the financial requirements to continue to pay training, tournament and/or club fees.

  1. Temporary injuries (sprained ankles, twists, sickness, etc.) lasting days or
    weeks shall not affect the payment of training, tournament or club fees.
  2. Temporary to severe injuries (those injuries that can sideline the player for a
    minimum of two (2) months) - Fees will not continue to accrue for the period of the injury. Paid fees are not refunded or prorated.  
  3. Severe or season ending injuries – Paid fees are not refunded. All other future
    fees will be suspended.

Medical Clearance is required for temporary to severe injuries – All players are required to provide written verification from a medical doctor stating they are cleared or released to resume train and play. The written verification is to be presented to
the coach and submitted to the club.