Updated COVID Safety Procedures

Updated 2/15/22

Updated COVID Procedures for Training and Games

In the event of Positve Test Results for Players or Coaches the following procedures are mandated by the Club:

  1. Coaches are required to immediately inform the Club and all members of their respective teams.
  2. The Club will inform all team managers, team coaches and staff in regard to the reported positive exposure. Team coaches and managers are required to inform their respective teams.
  3. Vacinated players may return immediately to training or games but must wear a mask during all training and games including non-playing time. Removal of masks to drink water is allowed. in addition coaches are required to maintain social distancing with players during all training sessions and games.
  4. Vaccinated Players are required to provide proof of a negative PCR Test following the 5 day inncubation period. Rapid Response tests are not acceptable. Without the PCR Test players must sit out the full 10 day waiting period before returning to play. 
  5. Non-vacinated players must sit out the manadatory ten day wait period before returning to play. They must produce a negative PCR Test upon return..