JK Acceptance Letter

Jersey Knights Soccer Club

Congratulations you have been selected to become a member of the Jersey Knights Soccer Club for the Upcoming season! Below is some information that you should be aware of in regard to the Club and Club operation. The Club is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly and oversees operations. Each director is assigned responsibility for various parts of the club operation. Included in this is training and coaching, finance, team management, field matainence, carding, gear etc. Volunteers and parents wanting to get involved as team managers are welcomed. If you have interest see one of our directors.

Season Fees Cover the Following:
·         Club Registration             
·         Trainer/Coach Fees
·         League Fee
·         Referee Fees
·         Carding Fees (NJ & US Club)
·         Insurance Fee
·         Club Administrative Expenses
·         Coaches Travel Expense
·         Tournament Fees
·         Winter indoor Training
·         Goalkeeper Training – Fall, Winter, Spring
·         Soccer Complex/Field maintenance, repair, upkeep
·         Alternate Site/Field Expenses
Season Fees do not cover:
  • Uniforms
  • Winter indoor Leagues/Tournaments/Futsal
Team budgets are developed each year and made avialable to members prior to tryouts. Team managers are the contact point for budget information. Fees are divided into 4 equal payments with a schedule posted below. Financial assistance is available for families in need. See your team manager or coach for more information. This information is kept confidential.
Payment Schedule:
·         Payment 1 (Non-refundable and Due Upon Acceptance to Team):          
·         Payment 2 (August 15):
·         Payment 3 (October 1):
·         Payment 4 (January 1): 
Players accepting roster positions are required to complete online registration. All players must be entered into the registration system to be eligible to play for a team. In addition, a list of forms and identifications listed below must be submitted to the team coach or manager. The team manager has all these forms or you may print them off of the Jersey Knights Website. Click on the forms link on the left side of the homepage.
·         Two (2) 1x1 pictures for passes (jpgs are acceptable)
·         Two (2) copies of the birth certificate
·         NJ Youth Soccer Form (Player Membership Form)
·         NJ Medical Release Form (requires notarization)
·         US Club Medical Release Form
·         US Club Soccer Registration Form
·         Jersey Knights Player/Parent commitment Form
Code of Conduct
       The Club has expectations for behavoir for players, parents and coaches. We are very clear that appropriate behavior during games is expected. Parents are free to cheer for their children in a positive manner but absolutely must refrain from criticism of other players (on your team or the other), referees and other parents.
        Parents are not to do any coaching from the sideline. The Club will not tolerate poor behavior or parent coaching from the sidelines. Our staff is paid to guide the soccer education of our players. Additional directions from the sideline only confuses players or is not in compliance with coaches directions. If you have a concern see your team manager or coach to discuss at the next training session.  
        The Club is insured through NJ Youth Soccer in case of accident or injury. All staff members and club activities fall under our insurance umbrella. Insurance through NJ Youth Soccer is a secondary policy which requires applicants to use their primary insurance first. If you need to take advantage of this policy be aware that there is a 90 day period for submitting an application from the time of the injury. See your team manager or coach immediately for the application information.  
        All staff members that coach or train soccer are licensed and evaluated by our soccer directors. If you have specific concerns about your team trainer or coach see your team manager. The manager will arrange a meeting with the Soccer Director.  Team coaches are scheduled to 3 year assignments with teams. While we try to stay with this schedule, the Soccer Director reserves the right to make assignment changes as needed.
        The Club is sponsored by Nike. All players and coaches are required to wear Club issued gear to training, games and tournaments. Uniform kits are selected for both boys and girls on 2 -3 year cycles. Orders are processed through team managers. Our vendor for all gear is Ewing Sport in West Trenton. Many often used items are stocked in our clubhouse and are available for purchase there - practice t's, sox, shorts, etc.
        As part of the registration process each family must sign and submit this form to the team manager. This insures you are aware of club expectations and the information listed above. Welcome to the Jersey Knights!
Parent Signature:                                                                                                   Player Signature: