College Recruiting

NCAA Rules and Regulations

College athletics are governed by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA). Whether planning on attending a Division I, Division II, or Division III college, it is very important to understand the rules and regulations set by the NCAA.  The NCAA Web site contains vast information for the prospective college student-athlete pertaining to the recruiting process and the academic and eligibility requirements for players planning to play soccer at the collegiate level.

Prospective athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. You can register with the Center anytime during your high school career, but it is recommended you do so at least during your sophomore year. There is information on the NCAA Eligibility Center site pertaining to the core courses required in order be cleared through the center. It is also important to ensure that your school has submitted updates to their core course offerings so you receive credit for the classes you are taking.  

Additional NCAA Information
The College Bound Student-Athlete: A must read for all prospective student-athletes prior to the recruiting process. The guide will  details academic-eligibility requirements, financial aid, amateur eligibility and many other vital topics.